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Translated based on the German Version of Wenn die Landingpage mehr Dynamik braucht.

For many experts a static landing page is fashionable, such as a stagecoach, so … not at all. Old school and over by time. And yes, some of these experts are right – because the success risk of static landing page is very large. But why? Because the placed elements in regular do not address the specific needs of a visitor.

Why is it always arrives on the tactical objective in the landing page.

Dynamic landing pages works different. They place the selection of elements and contents on the page on demand in reference to the user specific needs. This is done, based on available data about visitors, targeted to marketing- or other relevant factors (E.g., time, source, device or Google search queries). Based on this information dynamic landing pages are able to serve the specific and individual needs of different users much better than static information based Landing pages.

The rule is this: Do not expose to static landing page. Or is something wrong with this rule?

One Search (Request). Many possible motivations.

Suppose, someone search in Google for „Car Rental Cologne“. What this person seeks? On the one hand, although very clear – he just does not look for blender or an ice machine, but shure for a provider of rental cars in and around Cologne. On the other hand, that term remains a lot room for interpretation, E.g., what kind of rental company or car this user is looking for? Maybe he is looking for a favorable small car or a luxury limousine or a van or, or, or … the exact details of the requirements are guilty with this kind of search. If the provider of rental cars from Cologne does not deliver further information, its landing page should be designed generally, so visitor’s feels really arrived, regardless of whether he is looking for a small car, a luxury car or a van for rent in Cologne.

Studien-Ergebnisse: Landingpage für eCommerce

Studien-Ergebnisse: Landingpage für eCommerce

More detailed request, like „rent a van Cologne“ or „low price car rental Cologne“, are predestinated for dynamic or static landing pages which fits/match the specific needs of users request. In this cases user gets for maximize the potential of conversion different or dynamic landing pages. One user offers for transporters and vans and the other one small price focused offers.

Depending on the specific search of potential customers the right landing page can be very different and may be individual composed (in context of contents, offers and elements as well as look and feel). This is can be also helpfull when the provider is a single product provider. For example, one and the same broadband-connection offering at the same time cheap, fast and reliable and highlight depending on the individual preference of the seeker and other product characteristics and benefits. A static landing page would certainly be possible in this case, but not optimal, and therefore not advisable. „One landing page is no landing page“ puts it in the online lecture Boost your Landing Page Conversion Boosting.

Many dedicated landing pages or “just” more dynamic?

The preceding examples have shown possibilities to tailor landing pages to the needs of the potential customer to address them and pick up at the insight in order to increase the chance of a better conversion rate. In principle, there are two ways to use custom landing page. Design and offers different, dedicated landing pages or offering dynamic versions of landing pages where the page in principle remains the same, but change the elements on the page individually and in real time in the context of the query. The latter variation is achievable with solutions for dynamic landing pages. In this case, an adaptation of the landing pages to individual needs of potential customers is significantly easier.

Possible disadvantages. Tests with analytical tools such as heat maps lose significance; because the dynamic of individual elements, these clearly assign the conversion performance can’t be really matched. The disadvantage is difficult with dynamic landing pages, but also in cases with many dedicated landing pages. Each page must be optimized for the strict sense. This often takes a lot of time and blows up the budget quickly.

Ideas for a suitable individualization.

For almost every provider different criteria’s comes into question, which can be selected different landing pages fielding’s. For online shops, the set of possible landing page versions are almost infinite. Let campaigns with advertising banners aside and remain in the Google search. Here, a fashion store’s dynamic landing page, for example, use so individual page variations arise when potential customers for evening dress, cheap pants, streetwear, women’s fashion, blouse, sweater, outdoor clothing, jackets, leather jacket, gothic clothing, etc. searches.

One can also consider diven by real-time data and potential clients get present in the morning another variant of the dynamic landing page than in the users in evening. If users are recognizes as existing customers, another variant of the landing page is displayed. Ostensibly the premise have to be, “form follows function“, – the answer to the question of why this or that triage and strategy makes sense.

The boundaries of a landing page.

Any further individualization of a dynamic landing page through which an additional variant arises also increases the cost of campaigns – because each selection costs time and money. That should not be a reason to forget selection – because ultimately will each selection that follows the strategy and expect the question of „why“ has passed – because a good selection will add considerably to online marketing success.

But even with the best landing page strategy comes the point any further triage the expense increased so much that it is no longer justified by the success realized gains. It is necessary to find these individual point of each campaign. Too much triage can have a negative effect here. Skillful triage with dynamic landing pages is so good and the static variant therefore completely out of the race? I do not think so. At least not entirely.

Always aware that online marketing provides a wealth of possible measures and instruments. Every action and every instrument could, in principle, will not devote all (because you will not have time for all other instruments remain). This also applies to the landing page strategy and the optimization of those. And so it could an effort to send some of its DSL queries to a static landing page, which presents the advantages of offers uniform and full.

To develop a good online marketing strategy is long term focused and sometimes it can be a good idea to optimize in particular steps, because there will always be a better idea of the worth (and because your day just has 24 time). That may be some people consider bad. You can change this fact of course, but however, on this point nothing will change. Definitely not.

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